Independent Travel to Mallorca

Mallorca is a safe travel destination, where independent travelers can get by with very limited language skills. Almost everything needed to create a unique holiday package can be booked and bought before travel, either online or through a travel agency that arranges tailored holidays. After making all the important reservations and purchases before travel, an individually tailored holiday can be just as effortless as a package holiday.

Reasons to create your own holiday package

Creating your own holiday package means you have a much wider choice of options from more holiday destinations, hotels and accommodation types to off season travel. Independent travel is also more flexible and can be much cheaper than ready-made package holidays.

1. Independent travelers have more choices

Travel agencies choose only some of the resorts and holiday destinations into their selection, and from these destinations, they only select certain hotels. As an independent traveler you will not have these kinds of limits, so you are more likely to find cheaper options and accommodation that needs to meet special requirements. In addition to hotels, there are other accommodation types like holiday homes, villas and farm houses available to independent travelers. These types of accommodation are not on offer through normal travel agencies offering package holidays. Holiday homes, villas and farmhouses are especially suitable for longer holidays or larger travel groups. For example, a beautiful Spanish villa with its own private swimming pool is a wonderful choice for a larger family or group of friends. These types of accommodation are usually rented on a weekly bases and when the price per week is divided between about 6 - 12 people, the price per person per week can be very competitive and sometimes even cheaper than an average 2 - 3 star hotel.

The amount of choice available to independent travelers also means it is possible to go on holiday to a destination even after the package holidays to that desired destination have sold out.

2. Find the cheapest holiday package

Creating your own holiday package allows you to combine each holiday component - flights, accommodation, airport transfers, car hire, travel insurance, cruises, day trips - each from a different company, which means you can find the best deal for each component and create the cheapest possible holiday package.

Many hotels are available for booking through several different hotel booking services and sometimes the nightly prices can vary significantly. Prices in online booking services also change with early booking discounts and last minute travel offers dynamically, which means you can find great holiday bargains. There are also options for booking your flights to Mallorca, holiday car rental and travel insurance online with varying prices. Airport transportation can be a better choice than a rental car in some cases. You can check prices and book you airport transfer on Mallorca here.

3. Freely combine multiple holiday destinations

When you create your own holiday from components, you can stay in many different locations instead of being limited to a specific destination or having to follow a strict travel itinerary in the case of holiday tours. You can freely combine a few nights here and a week there, but keep in mind that some hotels accept only bookings of at least 3 nights, while there are other hotels that allow even one night stays. Holiday homes, villas and farm houses tend to have a minimum rental period of one week.

4. Get away from tourist masses

Sometimes on package holidays you feel like you never even left your home country, because you are surrounded by your fellow countrymen that have booked a holiday to the same resort. By creating your own holiday package, you can choose a holiday destination that is not a package holiday destination, which allows you to experience true local culture.

5. Travel outside the peak season

Package holidays typically offer package holidays to destinations during their most popular season. Many resorts in Mallorca are great holiday destinations outside of their peak season including Palma de Mallorca, Playa de Palma, Palma Nova, Santa Ponsa, Cala Millor and Cala Ratjada. Tailoring your own holiday package allows you to travel to these destinations outside of the main tourist season at a much lower price.

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