Calas de Mallorca resort

Calas de Mallorca, or Calas de Mallorca, is a resort built around several lovely coves or calas - Cala Antena, Cala Domingos, Cala Tropicana and Cala Murada. Several hotels are built near the sea and provide amazing views and to the North of the resort there are hiking paths along the coast providing more wonderful scenery and deserted coves only reachable by foot or boat. Walking a few kilometers South of the resort you can reach the pictoresque resort of Porto Colom.

Special hotel offers in Calas de Mallorca

Tourist Information of Calas de Mallorca

Municipal Tourist Information

Municipal T.I.O Calas de Mallorca - Mallorca
Passeig de Manacor
07689 - Manacor
Tel: +34 971 834 144
Fax: +34 971 833 179


General emergency tel: 112
Ambulance tel: 061
Fire department tel: 085

Spanish police general tel: 091

Healthcare and doctors in Calas de Mallorca

Many hotels have a doctor visit the hotel premises several times a week, but you can also go to the medical centers directly.

Medical center Calas de Mallorca
Passeig de Manacor 6
07689 Calas de Mallorca
Tel: (+34) 971 83 32 00

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