Cala Sant Vicenc resort

Cala Sant Vicenç (or Cala Sant Vicent) is a small resort in the Northernmost part of Mallorca next to Cape Formentor. The resort is built around several small beaches with crystal clear waters and surrounded by rocky cliffs. The resorts is nestled in a valley within the rocky Tramuntana mountains, creating a surreal setting that draws visitors from other resorts.
Port de Pollença is the nearest larger resort and a rocky path over the hillside from Port de Pollença is a great way of reaching Cala Sant Vicenç if you are feeling athletic.

General Information on Cala Sant Vicenç

The resort of Cala Sant Vicenç is divided in two seperate parts by a long and high peninsula in the middle of the resort. The western side of the Cala Sant Vicenç has two beaches called Cala Barques and Cala Clara. The area of Cala Barques is located at the western border of the resort and it is mostly surrounded by high and rocky cliffs. Behind the beach there are buildings that are built in a kind of a fisher village style with a few small restaurants. The area of Cala Clara is surrounded by more modern hotels and by the cliffs of the long peninsula that divides the resort's coastline in two. Both beaches are connected with a walking path that goes along the small piers and cliffs of the coastline. There is a street and parking spaces for the cars on a hill behind the beaches with more resturants and hotels.

Right next to the peninsula on the eastern side of Cala Sant Vicenç is the main beach of the resort called Cala Molins. There are a few large hotels and some restaurants around this area and a large parking area behind the beach. The most western part of the resort is the area of Cala Carbo, which is a small and rocky beach cove surrounded by high cliffs.

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Getting Around in Cala Sant Vicenç

- on foot
- car, motorcycle
- public bus
- taxi

The best way to move around Cala Sant Vicenç and it's neighbouring resort is with rental car. There are large parking areas at the both sides of the peninsula near the main beaches and the streets are quite wide with many parking spaces. Public busses are another way to visit other resorts and towns. The bus stops are located along the street that goes next to the peninsula and Cala Molins. These buses go for example to Port de Sóller, Port de Pollensa, resort of Alcudia and Palma de Mallorca. There is a taxi station next to Cala Molins.

Tourist Information of Cala Sant Vicenç

Municipal T.I.O Cala Sant Vicenç - Mallorca
Plaça Cala Sant Vicenç
07469 - Pollença
Tel: +34 971 533 264
Fax: +34 971 866 746
open weekdays: 10:00 -14:00 and 15:00 - 18:00


General emergency tel: 112
Ambulance tel: 061
Fire department tel: 085

Spanish police general tel: 091

Healthcare and doctors in Cala Sant Vicenç

Many hotels have a doctor visit the hotel premises several times a week, but you can also go to the medical centers directly.

Clínic Balear - Alcudia
Ctra. Alcudia-Artà, 16
tel: (+34) 971 89 11 00