Cala Millor resort

Cala Millor is the largest tourist destination on the East coast of Mallorca. The resort comprises of many highrising hotels that border the central beach of the resort - Playa de Sant Llorenç. Being a larger resort, Cala Millor offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and its nightlife is more lively than other resorts on the East coast thanks to its larger size. On the North end Cala Millor borders with the more quiter Cala Bona resort and on the South end with Sa Coma.

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General Infromation on Cala Millor

There are two wonderful walking boulevards that go through the whole resort of Cala Millor. The beach boulevard Passeig de la Mar has lot of nice restaurants and cafes with great seaview outdoor terraces. Another walking street Passeig Cristòfol Colom is running along side with the beach boulevard and has more boutiques and stores for shopping. Passeig Cristòfol Colom ends at the Parc de la Mar but the beach boulevard continues all the way to the southern end of the beach.

There are many hotels that have a direct seaview to the Mediterranean like hotel Voramar, hotel Sabina and hotel Playa del Moro. The northern side of the coastline view ends to beautiful mountains of the Cap de Minarand at the southern end of the beach and resort there is another peninsula called Punta de n'Amerin which separates Cala Millor from the resort of Sa coma.

Getting Around in Cala Millor

- on foot
- bicycle, pedal car
- public bus
- car, motorcycle
- minitrain, safari bus

The large walking boulevards are safe way to walk around the resort of Cala Millor. You can walk all the way to the resort of Cala Bona along the beach boulevard or walk through the paths of southern peninsula to the resort of Sa Coma. You can also rent a cheap city bike for only four euros per day. For children it is much more fun to drive around the beach boulevard with the pedal cars than it is to walk. There are also many busses, minitrains and the safari bus that go along the larger streets of the resort. The safari bus is a great way to access the nearby safari zoo of Sa Coma.

Activities in Cala Millor

Watersports: The long golden sand beach has many opportunities for swimming and for other watersports like snorkling, banana boat rides and pedal boats. The beach is a child friendly beach with many beachguards towers.

Cruises: You can take a cruise onboard submarine vision boats that go daily from the pier that is located at the norther end of Cala Millor. These cruises visit other resorts of Mallorca's East coast like Cala Ratjada and Porto Cristo.

Hiking in the nature: At the souther end of Cala Millor there is a nature reserve of Punta den'Amer where you can go hiking and visit the castle of Punta den'Amer or walk to the resort of Sa Coma.

Golf: The Golf course of Son Serveran is located near the resort about four kilometers north from Cala Millor.

Other activities and sights: The famous caves of Arta are about 10 kilometers away from the resort. Only a few kilometers south from Cala Millor is the zoo of Sa Coma which is a safari park where the animals roam free and the visitors can watch them from their cars or from safari busses that tour around the park.

Restaurants in Cala Millor

There is a great selection of restaurants for eating in Cala Millor. If you are very hungry, you can go to the restaurant Porto Fino which is located near the Parc de la Mar. This restaurant is serving all kinds of meat dishes that are huge and you won't be hungry after visiting this restaurant. La Sangria is a restaurant that is located along the shopping boulevard. There you can find good basic dishes that are also suitable for families with childen for a reasonable price. La Sangria is also serving Paella dishes for only one person. Bon Mijou is a great restaurant for a bit more sophisticated taste. This restaurant is serving mainly french cuisine. There are also large brands like KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burher King available around the resort, in case you are looking for fast food restaurants.

The Nightlife in Cala Millor

The nightlife in Cala Millor is lively when the walking boulevards and all the pubs and bars fill with the tourists. There are discos like Lolly Pop and Karussell along the beach boulevard that are more suitable for younger people. If you rather enjoy more relaxing atmosphere than it is in the pubs and discos, then there are restaurants and cafes with nice terraces along the beach.

Shopping in Cala Millor

The main shopping street of Cala Millor is the walking street called Passeig Cristòfol Colom. There you can find various boutiques selling parfumes, clothes and leather products like hand bags and wallets. There are also few designer stores ( Tommy Hilfiger and Dolce & Gabbana) along the northern part of the beach boulevard.

Cala Millor Tourist Information

There are two Municipal Tourist Information offices in Cala Millor. One of them is located at the northern end of the resort next to the pier. Another office is next to the Parc de la Mar at te southern end of Cala Millor.

Parc de la Mar 2c
07560 - Cala Millor
Tel: +34 971 585 409
Fax: +34 971 585 716

Passeig Maritim
07560 - Cala Millor
Tel: +34 971 585 864
Fax: +34 971 585 864


General emergency tel: 112
Ambulance tel: 061
Fire department tel: 085

Spanish police general tel: 091

Healthcare and doctor in Cala Millor

Many hotels have a doctor visit the hotel premises several times a week, but you can also go to the medical centers directly.

Clínic Balear - Cala Millor
Avda. Sa Coma 33
07560 - Cala Millor
tel: (+34) 971 58 58 65

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