Cala D’Or resort

Cala DOr is a medium sized beach resort consisting of seven pictoresque bays. Six of the bays have their own small beach and the seventh bay a yacht harbor with fancy restaurants. Cala DOr is a popular destination among central Europeans and it attracts families with children and those who wish to have a more relaxing holiday. The resort is peaceful most of the year, but during the busiest summer months of July and August, the small town and beaches are bustling with tourists attracted to the destination by the beauty of its beaches. If you are planning to rent a villa for your holiday, Cala DOr is a great destination with many luxurious villas to choose from.

Cala DOr has a centrum area with many restaurants and shops, but the resort stretches about 3 km along the coastline from Cala Serena to Cala Egos and services are found also towards either end of the resort. The harbor bay of Cala Llonga stretches over 1 km inland, effectively dividing the resort in two - the old part with the centrum and the Cala Egos side, which is halfway between Cala DOr and the next town of Porto Petro.

Cala DOr differs from the mass tourism holiday resorts with its overall style.
Building heights are restricted, buildings are mainly built in white Ibizan style creating a unified look for the resort and the resort has lots of villas and private holiday homes, which makes the overall feel of the resort calmer and more sophisticated.

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Activities in Cala D'Or

Water sports: swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, pedal boats
Cruises: glass bottom boat cruises to
Porto Colom and Cala Figuera with a swimming break at Cala Mondrago natural park, fast boat rides with Sea Riders
Sports: tennis, golf at Vall D'Or golf course about 8 km away, bicycling
Other: mini golf, there is a small fortress on the Cala Egos side edge of the entrance from the sea, weekly markets of Santanyi (Wednesdays) and Felanitx (Sundays)


Mondrago natural park - 7km from Cala D'Or centrum, approx. 10 min drive
Cala Figuera - 18 km from Cala D'Or, approx. 20 min drive
Santuari Sant Sanvador - 19 km from Cala D'Or, approx. 20 min drive
Cuevas del Drach, Porto Cristo - 25 km from Cala D'Or, approx. 30 min drive
Cuevas del Hams, Porto Cristo - 25 km from Cala D'Or, approx. 30 min drive
Safari Park, Sa Coma - 35 km from Cala D'Or, approx. 40 min drive

Restaurants and Eating in Cala D'Or

Cala D'Or has lots of restaurants serving various types of food including Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, British and fast food restaurants. The harbor Cala Llonga offers a more high class selection of restaurants, many of which specialize in sea food. Some restaurants in the harbor are more expensive than those in other parts of the resort, but you can also find ones with the same price ranges as restaurants in the centrum.

Nightlife of Cala D'Or

Cala D'Or nightlife is relatively quiet as Cala D'Or is mainly a family resort. Cala D'Or centrum has several bars that are open till around 1am for those that want to socialize in the evening. The Time Out Bar Cafe right in the middle of the centrum's restaurant region is one of the more popular places. Disco Farrah's near Caprabo supermarket is one of the few places in town where the party goes on through the night till the morning.

Shopping in Cala D'Or

Cala D'Or has lots of shops for tourists offering typical souvenirs of ceramics, leather handbags, beachwear, beach toys, cosmetics, clothes to name a few. A relatively new addition to Cala D'Or is the internationally known Spanish clothing chain Mango.

Getting Around in Resort

- on foot
- minitrain
- public bus
- taxi
- bicycle
- pedaling carts
- car or motorcycle

Cala D'Or has beautiful streets that are best explored on foot, but during the summer months of May - September there are also minitrains that go around the resort between Cala Serena, Eroski supermarket by the town centrum and Cala Egos.

Public buses also go through Cala Egos and Cala D'Or centrum and continue on to Palma de Mallorca and Santanyi for example and Cala D'Or taxis cost about 5 euros for transport within resort. Bicycles and pedaling carts seating 2-4 people are also a fun way to get around the resort that is ecologically friendly too.

A car or motorcycle is not needed whilst in resort as the resort is not very big and there are numerous one way streets that can be confusing. If you intend to explore the island outside of the resort a car or motorcycle provides you the freedom to explore places out of public transport's reach. Cala D'Or taxis can also take you around the island. The price of a taxi from Cala D'Or to the airport during day hours is 57 euros.


These distances are measured along roads for driving with driving time estimates

7 km - Cala D'Or centrum - Cala Mondrago - 10 min
10 km - Cala D'Or - Porto Colom - 10 min
12 km - Cala D'Or - Santanyi - 15 min
18 km - Cala D'Or - Felanitx - 15 min
18 km - Cala D'Or - Cala Figuera - 20 min
25 km - Cala D'Or - Porto Cristo - 30 min
30 km - Cala D'Or - Es Trenc beach - 30 min
30 km - Cala D'Or - Manacor - 30 min
35 km - Cala D'Or - Cala Bona - 40 min

60 km - Cala D'Or - Son Sant Joan airport - 50 min
60 km - Cala D'Or - Ca'n Picafort - 1 hr
65 km - Cala D'Or - Palma de Mallorca - 1 hr
70 km - Cala D'Or - Alcudia old town - 1 hr
85 km - Cala D'Or - Soller - 1h 30min

Tourist Information of Cala D'Or

Cala D'Or Tourist Information Office
Avda. de Cala Llonga, numero 10
Tel: 971 65 74 63
Open weekdays: 10 - 14

Municipal Tourist Information Office of Santanyi

Municipal T.I.O Cala d'Or - Santanyí - Mallorca
Perico Pomar, 10
07660 - Santanyí
Tel: +34 971 657 463
Fax: +34 971 648 029


General emergency tel: 112
Ambulance tel: 061
Fire department tel: 085

Spanish police general tel: 091
Municipality Santanyi police tel: 092
Cala D'Or police station tel: 971 653 002

Healthcare and Doctors in Cala D'Or

The best way to take care of your health while on holiday is prevention.

Many hotels in Cala D'Or have a doctor visit the hotel premises several times a week, but you can also go to the medical offices directly. Asistencia Medica has three offices in Cala D'Or.

Asistencia Medica - Cala D'Or centrum
Avda. Bienvenidos, 9
tel: (+34) 971 65 77 77 (24h emergency number Cala D'Or)
fax: (+34) 971 64 31 29

Asistencia Medica - Cala Ferrera
Avda. de Cala D'Or
Esquina C/. de S'Espalmador
tel: (+34) 971 65 75 00
fax: (+34) 971 64 31 29

Asistencia Medica - Cala Egos
Avda. Sa Marina, 13
tel: (+34) 971 65 93 73
fax: (+34) 971 64 31 29

Hospital - Manacor
The nearest hospital is in Manacor about 30 km from Cala D'Or and approximately 30 min drive away.

Fundación Hospital Manacor
Ctra. Manacor-Alcudia, s/n
07500 Manacor

Hospital call center: 971 84 70 00
Emergency arrivals: 971 84 70 60
fax: 971 84 70 10

German Dentist in Cala D'Or
Excelent Dent
Avda. Benviguts 23/1
07660 Cala D'Or
Tel: 00 34 971 / 65 97 13
Fax: 00 34 971 / 64 86 82
Exelent Dent homepage