Alcudia resort

The resort of Alcudia starts from the seaside town of Puerto Alcudia and stretches 7 km along the fine white sand beach of Bay of Alcudia called Bahia de Alcudia. The end further away from the town is referred to as Playa de Muro and due to the distance from the town, it is practically a different resort. The beach continues on past Playa de Muro all the way from Puerto Alcudia to Can Picafort stretching for over 10 km in total. This fine white sand beach stretching into the horizon is the main attraction of this resort and attracts thousands of tourists each year. Thus, this resort is mainly for those who wish to sunbathe on the beautiful beach, but thanks to the frequent wind in the Bay of Alcudia, the resort also offers windsurfing and kitesurfing, making the resort appealing to sportive tourists also.

The resort of Alcudia is actually called Puerto Alcudia and Alcudia itself is a small medieval town approximately 1.5 km Northwest from Puerto Alcudia centrum, which tourists often refer to as Alcudia old town. This town provides a cultural experience in contrast to the beachside resort with its old fortified walls and next to the town lie old roman ruins.

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Hotels and Apartments in Alcudia

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Beaches in Alcudia

The beach of Alcudia is a dream come true for many tourists, with fine white sand, glimmering turquoise water, plenty of sunbeds and parasols for everyone and quieter stretches of beach by Playa de Muro for those wanting more privacy.
The gently sloped beach is ideal for families with smaller children as the water doesn't get deep until about 50 - 100 meters from the shore.

Activities in Alcúdia

Water sports: Swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, pedal boats, water fun park Hidropark under 2 km away.
Cruises: Cruceros Brisa has various daily cruises that you can board from the long jetties throughout the resort as well as from Port d'Alcúdia harbor. Glass bottom boat cruises visit places like the beautiful Formentor beach, Bay of Alcudia and Pollensa, Coll Baix beach, Cape Formentor, Cala Sant Vicenç and Cap Farrutx and they also offer sailing trips with a large catamaran in the Bay of Alcudia.
Sports: Tennis, golf at Aucanada golf course about 3 km East from Port d'Alcudia, bicycling
Other: Mediaval town of Alcúdia and nearby Roman ruins, weekly markets in Alcúdia old town (Tuesdays & Sundays) and a street market in Playa de Muro along the main road (Saturdays)

Nightlife of Alcúdia

Alcudia is a large resort with a lively nightlife and popular discos include Magic Disco and Menta on Avenida Tucan. Bells on Via Astoria is also popular and you may want to check out Atoms and Kao's Disco also.


Alcúdia old town - 1.5km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum, approx. 2 min drive
S'Alfabia Natural Park - 5 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum, approx. 10 min drive
Coll Baix beach - 8 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum, approx. 15 min drive
Cuevas del Campanet - 19 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum, approx. 20 min drive
Pollença - 11 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum, approx. 15 min drive
Cape Formentor peninsula - 14 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum, approx. 15 min drive
Cape Formentor lighthouse - 30 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum
Lluc Monastery - 32 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum via Pollença
Els Calderers - 38 km from Port d'Alcúdia centrum, approx. 30 min drive

Restaurants and eating in Alcúdia

In Port d'Alcúdia you can find fancy restaurants by the harbor, while more relaxed restaurants are found all along the main road going through the resort, so it is not necessary to travel to Port d'Alcúdia for dinner. You can find Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Indian and Chinese cuisine and food from fancy seafood to grilled food to fast food.

Getting Around in Resort

- on foot
- horse carriage
- public bus
- taxi
- bicycle
- pedaling carts
- car or motorcycle


These distances are measured along roads for driving with driving time estimates

1.5 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Alcudia old town - 2 min
9 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Ca'n Picafort - 10 min
19 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Formentor beach - 25 min
24 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Inca - 20 min
30 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Cape Formentor lighthouse - 45 min

32 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Lluc Monastery - 1 hr
32 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Sineu - 30 min
32 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Arta - 30 min
38 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Manacor - 35 min
38 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Els Calderers in Sant Joan - 35 min
40 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Capdepera - 40 min
46 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Arta Caves - 45 min

52 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Palma de Mallorca - 50 min
59 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Valldemossa - 1 hr
60 km - Port d'Alcúdia centrum - Son Sant Joan airport - 1 hr

Tourist Information centers of Alcúdia

Port d'Alcúdia Tourist Information Office
Passatge Marítim, s/n
07410 Alcúdia
Tel: +34 971 547257
Fax: +34 971 547257

Alcúdia Tourist Information Office
C/ Major, 17
07400 Alcúdia
Tel: +34 971 546515
Fax: +34 971 546515

Tourist Information Office of Ciutat Blanca
Ctra. d'Artà, 66
07408 Alcúdia
Tel: +34 971 892615
Fax: +34 971 892615


General emergency tel: 112
Ambulance tel: 061
Fire department tel: 085
Spanish police general tel: 091

Alcúdia police station
C/ Bastió de Sant Ferran s/n
07400 Alcúdia
Tel: +34 971 545066
Fax: +34 971 549146

Healthcare and doctors in Alcúdia

The best way to take care of your health while on holiday is prevention.

Many hotels have a doctor visit the hotel premises several times a week, but you can also go to the medical centers directly.

Centro Medico Salus - Playa d'Alcúdia
Alcudia Garden Ctra. Arta
Tel: +34 971 547858
fax: +34 971 546758

Hospital d'Alcúdia
C/ Formentera, s/n
07400 Alcúdia

Tel: +34 971 547373
Emergency 24h telephone: 900 221 022
Fax: 971 84 70 10

Hospital Port d'Alcúdia - Centro Médico Alcúdia
Av. Juan Carlos I
07410 Alcúdia
Tel: +34 971 891835

The road of Av. Juan Carlos I is also known as Carrer d'Artà, it is the main road going through the resort. The hospital is located in Playa de Muro end of the road next to Lake Esperanza.

Optician in Alcúdia
Optica Alcúdia
Pollentie 6
Port d'Alcúdia
Tel: +34 971 547479

Dentist in Alcúdia
Clínica Dental Alcúdia
C/ Pollentia 4
Telephone (24h emergencies): +34 971 548313
Internet homepage (available in English):
Clínica Dental Alcúdia

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