Mallorca Island Nature


The vegetation of coastal Mallorca consists of plants that can survive the presence of salt and sun well. Thick water storing leaves are a typical feature for these plants. The vegetation of the interior island is dominated by shrubs and bushes. On the mountain range there are also some oak and pine trees, where there is enough waterfall for these trees to grow.
More information about the nature sights of Mallorca can be found on the Interactive Map section and on the Places to see section of our website.

Wild Animals

Wild animals are nowadays quite rare on Mallorca after mass tourism has taken over the living space of the island's wildlife. One species still living in Mallorca today is the wild goat which lives in the Tramuntana mountain range. The steep mountains are mostly unreachable for the tourists and thus a perfect refugee for the goats. The island is more suitable for the marine birds than it is for mammals. An example of a marine bird species that lives on the island is the red gull. You can spot this bird by the red color of its beak and by it's olive green legs.

Nature Parks

Mallorca has five nature parks, three on the main island and two island nature parks. These nature parks are Parc Natural Mondrago, Parc Natural de Llevant, Parc Natural s'Albufera, Parc Natural sa Dragonera and Parc Natural Cabrera.