Agrotourism in Mallorca

Agrotourism is the choice for those wanting to see a more authentic Mallorca, away from the mass tourism, and for those wishing to travel with a smaller ecological footprint. Agrotourism accommodation is usually in an old farm house or finca and fresh produce from the surrounding farmland is often used in the food served there. The use of old existing buildings helps preserve the culturally valuable landscape and architecture in tact and the use of local produce provides jobs for locals and eliminates unneccessary transport of foods from further away, reducing pollution and the amount of wear and tear on roads. Agrotourism is gaining popularity in Mallorca and there are lots of options to choose from. Accommodation takes place in hotel rooms or apartments renovated into fincas forming a small hotel or sometimes in a private finca rental.

Booking an agrotourism holiday:

Agrotourism holiday booking is usually done directly with the hotel or finca owner or through their website or in the case of private fincas through a rental service company.