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Can Picafort
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Can Picafort

C'an Picafort is a resort in the Bay of Alcudia and lies next to the Playa de Muro end of the resort of Alcudia. C'an Picafort is not as well known as Alcudia, but it also offers the same lovely beach and a relaxing holiday atmosphere.

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General Information on C'an Picafort

C'an Picafort is resort with a more modern look and feel. The buildings and hotels in the resort are newer and not as high as in many other older resorts. Also the streets of C'an Picafort are wider with more parking spaces and beautiful palm trees. There is a pleasant walking boulevard that goes throughout the whole resort along the beach. The long beach ends at the C'an Picafort Marina which is located at the southeastern end of the resort. After the marina there is another smaller beach called Playa Son Baulo at the east border of the resort.

Tourist Info

Municipal Tourist Information of C'an Picafort
Municipal T.I.O C'an Picafort - Mallorca
Placa Enginyer Gabriel Roca, 6
07458 - C'an Picafort
Tel: +34 971 850 310
Fax: +34 971 850 310


General emergency tel: 112
Ambulance tel: 061
Fire department tel: 085

Spanish police general tel: 091


Many hotels have a doctor visit the hotel premises several times a week, but you can also go to the medical centers directly.

Clinic Balear
Via Suiza 2
Cían Picafort
tel: (+34) 971 85 14 14

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Location: C'an Picafort

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