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Cabrera is a one of the best preserved marine areas on the Spanish coastlines. It is a nature park available for visitors including group of islands, calcareous rocky isles and underwater archaeological sites.

Cabrera Contact Information

Telephone: +34 630 982 363
Telefax:      +34 971 725 585
Website:     Cabrera website

Access information & restrictions The Nature Park can be visited by boat from Colonia de Sant Jordi. For private boat trips you will need authorization from the Park Authorities. More info about the restrictions...

Tourist cruises to Cabrera

Excursions a Cabrera is a company which offers guided excursions to the island. The excursions start every morning from the harbor of Col˛nia Sant Jordi. You will need to book your tickets about two days in advance. The price of the excursion is 31 euros and an optional onboard lunch costs 7 euros. You can book the tickets at the harbor of Col˛nia Sant Jordi. The office is located right next to the tourist information center.

The cruise starts from the harbor at 9:30 in the morning and comes back around 17:00 in the afternoon. Here are some useful tips and information about the excursion:

  • There is a free parking area in the harbor where you can leave your car for the whole excursion day.
  • The cruising time to the island is about one hour and you'll have about 4 hours of time to spend on the island.
  • Smoking is not allowed during the cruise and it is very limited during the visit at the island as well.
  • There are no trash cans on the island and the visitors are asked to carry their trash back to the harbor.
  • There is only one small cafe and few toilets on the island. There are no other public services available.
  • If you're not having the lunch on board, there is a picnick area available right next to the beach.
  • There are few small beaches on the island at there will be also be a swimming opportunity during the return trip when the boat stops stops inside a big cave called Cova Blava.

There are several interesting places to see on the island of Cabrera. One of them is an old castle which is located about 80 meters above sea level with a great view over the bay. The castle dates to the end of the 1400 century. It takes abut 20 minutes to walk up the hill to the castle.

Another option is to walk all the way to the lighthouse of Cabrera. You will need a permision to access the lighthouse and the visit to the lighthouse will take at least three hours of time.

Sa Platgeta is a lovely small beach with crystal clear water. You can just enjoy your day at the beach and relax if you don't feel like walking around the island.

There are also many other interesting attractions like the Museum and the Monument for the French which are guided itineraries.

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